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Culture, coffee and local produce welcomed in Sarina

Culture, coffee and local produce welcomed in Sarina | Cafes |

GET a little bit of Melbourne right in the heart of Sarina; and a frothing good cuppa to boot. Culture, class and a raw experience of togetherness has been warmly welcomed just on the outskirts of town. Third Ground Coffee House was opened three months ago by owner Alexes Marshman and her husband Philip. The pair decided to jump on serving the bean buzz, after returning home from a round-the-world trip. Mrs Marshman said the rustic-themed coffee shack had been pieced to perfection, through inspiration found in global cafes.

"We have been to some of the best coffee houses in the world," she said. "We have been to places were the cappuccinos were tiny, and the pastries were even smaller." "We drank coffee in Naples, and then coffee in Florence. She said the cafe was inspired by the deep cultural understanding of community and connection, as seen in Europe. The creation of sustainable food systems was part of creating that culture, Mrs Marshman said. Third Ground Coffee House sourced produce from local growers, and was set to open up a community garden next year, as part of the Sarina Permaculture group.

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Epic Freakshakes! Milkshakes in Canberra cafe goes viral

Epic Freakshakes! Milkshakes in Canberra cafe goes viral | Cafes |

Photos of the milkshakes at Pâtissez, a café in Canberra, Australia, are taking social media by storm because of their "epic" proportions.

Why are people willing to wait for hours just to have a sip of a milkshake?

When you see the photos of shakes from Pâtissez that are now doing the rounds in social media, you'll easily understand why.

Top4's insight:

Milkshakes so over the top -- dieters are warned to back off.

Craving for a sweet drink? Have a break and head over to your favourite cafe today. 

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The Canberra Cafe that Almost Shut Down Instagram with its Unbelievable Shakes

The Canberra Cafe that Almost Shut Down Instagram with its Unbelievable Shakes | Cafes |

Canberra cafe, Patissez, has sent social media into a frenzy, after sharing photos of their creative desserts and milk shakes on Facebook and Instagram. It has been open for just seven weeks.

Top4's insight:

Milkshake lovers, step away from the screen.

Canberra cafe Patissez knows that for milkshake lovers, nothing is over the top.

The cafe's towering creations have caused quite a stir not only on social media but also in real life, with the Daily Mail reporting "thousands are flocking from around Australia to visit the cafe." 

Just some of the dreamy combinations:

1. Warm fudgy hot chocolate + fudge brownie + chocolate fudge + whipped cream + toasted marshmallow

2. Warm salted caramel with pecans + vanilla bean whipped cream

3. Caramelised puff pastry + whipped cream + vanilla bean crème patissiere.

4. Nutella and Salty Pretzel = Nutella + whipped cream + crushed salty pretzels (This is arguably the most popular)

These range of freakshakes cost  $9.50 each. 

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Dreaming of a Cat Cafe in Melbourne?

Dreaming of a Cat Cafe in Melbourne? | Cafes |

Be a part of history and open Australia's first Cat Cafe in Melbourne! Come and play with our cute rescue cats or relax and unwind with a latte.

Last year, a group of animal lovers wanted to make this dreamy combo possible for the people of Melbourne. They have set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund their idea of opening Australia's cat cafe. The campaign has raised $11,351AUD in 1 month. 


One year after the fundraising, is there now a cat cafe anywhere in your area? Use your online local directory to find out!

Top4's insight:

Cats, coffee and cakes. Cats, sweets and lattes under one cure roof  are popular in Japan, but do we have one in Australia?

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Cafes with a cause -- How your cafe can donate to charity

Cafes with a cause -- How your cafe can donate to charity | Cafes |
On August 7, hundreds of cafes and roasters around Australia will donate $1 from each coffee sold to local homelessness charities. Get involved.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly popular concept for businesses, big and small, today. Entrepreneurs know that giving back to the local community is both their responsibility and privilege. 

For a number of cafe owners in Australia, one way to contribute for a cause is by joining CafeSmart, a platform that makes it simple and easy for them to offer their meaningful help to the homeless.

Top4's insight:

When your business signs up for CafeSmart, you can donate $1 for every coffee sold, and the donations are channeled to target charity organisations.

The organisers of this campaign says the event is "the perfect opportunity for cafes to integrate themselves into their community."

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