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Pushing to be coffee champions

Pushing to be coffee champions | Cafes |

A pool of 12 South Australian coffee enthusiasts will battle it out to make the best brew using a popular coffee-making device in the inaugural South Australian AeroPress Championships next week.

Invented in 2005 by US physicist and toy maker Alan Adler, the AeroPress is a small, portable, plastic filter-coffee plunger that is said to produce a result similar to an espresso-strength coffee, but many people use it to make filter-brew-strength coffee.

AeroPress brewing competitions now take place in 47 countries around the world, with South Australia and Western Australia about to join Victoria and New South Wales in Australia’s national competition.

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Coffee making tips for a true brew

Coffee making tips for a true brew | Cafes |

PREMIUM beans and clean fresh water are two of the must have ingredients for a great cup of coffee, says Adelaide business owner Vincent Leonardis.

Mr Leonardis, who runs Coffee by the Beans in Lockleys, is on the lookout for a barista to join his team, using the JobSA campaign being run by The Advertser and Sunday Mail.

He said he started the business, which includes a coffee house, in 2007 from his passion to provide people with great tasting coffee.

“Our services include retailing takeaway or dine-in coffees, freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee accessories and treats,” he said.

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The Melbourne cafe operator who won't serve you when you're on the phone

The Melbourne cafe operator who won't serve you when you're on the phone | Cafes |

Cafe operators of Melbourne are sick of being ignored, and they're fighting back.

Craig Pearce, co-owner of Cafe 655 in West Melbourne, is among a growing list of baristas banning mobile phones at the counter.

"I'd say about 5 per cent (of customers order coffee while on the phone) on a busy day, but it's on an increase," he told Ross and John.

Mr Pearce said it wasn't only rude, but also held up other customers because the barista couldn't understand the order.

"They make hand signals ... and you feel like asking 'Is it a latte, cappuccino, or would you like me to pour it in your hand?'."

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Cafe with a difference

Cafe with a difference | Cafes |

WITH a cafe on almost every Fremantle corner, it can seem like each coffee is just the same as the last.

But the Cappuccino Strip is not the only place you can grab a good cuppa.

Tucked away in North Fremantle, the new Cafe Isthmus boasts something a little different from your average Fremantle city centre cafe; an amazing view over the ocean on one side and the Swan River on the other.

As well as Fremantle’s staple range of coffee, patrons can also enjoy an all-day menu boasting espresso French toast, Huevos Rancheros, duck salad and barramundi while looking over the picturesque Leighton Beach.

Cafe Isthmus’s Carrie Kelly said the cafe came out of the blue.

“We were looking at an apartment in the new Taskers development in North Fremantle and by chance found the opportunity we had been looking for because the Taskers development included plans for a cafe, but had no operator,” she said.

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Top 10 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Caffeine Hit

Top 10 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Caffeine Hit | Cafes |
Coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages are enjoyable for the taste alone, but sometimes you might be thinking about their caffeine content more than the flavour. Here are the top 10 things you should know about this wonderful drug and how to use caffeine more efficiently.

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Good news for coffee drinkers - caffeine consumption is better for your health than previously thought

Good news for coffee drinkers - caffeine consumption is better for your health than previously thought | Cafes |

A new study has found that drinking coffee regularly does not lead to extra heartbeats - contrary to earlier studies that warned caffeine consumption could cause interruption to regular cardiac rhythms.

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of California-San Francisco, is the largest ever to assess the relationship between dietary patterns and extra heartbeats.

"Habitual coffee drinkers have lower rates of coronary artery disease and of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality."

Research lead Dr Gregory Marcus said: "Clinical recommendations advising against the regular consumption of caffeinated products to prevent disturbances of the heart's cardiac rhythm should be reconsidered, as we may unnecessarily be discouraging consumption of items like chocolate, coffee and tea that might actually have cardiovascular benefits."

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Coffee Names: Fake aliases for when baristas butcher ethnic names

Coffee Names: Fake aliases for when baristas butcher ethnic names | Cafes |

Do you have a 'coffee name'? Australians with ethnic names often opt for a fake name when ordering coffee or takeaways, rather than have theirs mispronounced or misspelt.

Ordering a morning coffee in a busy café can be difficult for anyone, but it becomes especially difficult when you have a name baristas seem unable to understand.

Many people opt for a 'coffee name', usually a short Anglo-Saxon name like Jack or Jess, or an Anglo-Saxon name that sounds similar to their real non-Anglo-Saxon name.

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A World Coffee Shortage Is Inevitable

A World Coffee Shortage Is Inevitable | Cafes |

In the coffee-world, there’s been quiet rumblings of a shortage brewing for a while now. And yet, despite the threat, it hasn’t hit quite yet — but that doesn’t mean it’s gone away.

A brand new global coffee production report is out from the Foreign Agricultural Service with some seemingly confusing news: Brazil, the world’s foremost coffee supplier, lost almost five million bags of coffee due to the country’s punishing drought. Yet at the same time, globally coffee production is just slightly up and looking to stay up through the upcoming season. What’s going on here?

Brazil isn’t just the world’s leading supplier of coffee; they’re the single-source for about one-third of all the world’s coffee. Even at drought levels, they’re still churning out about 50 million bags — the number two country (Vietnam) barely makes it to half of that.  Typically, with such a heavy market domination, any drop in Brazil’s coffee supply means a significant hit to the world at large, just as any rise would result in a global surge.

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Where to find the best coffee in Australia

Where to find the best coffee in Australia | Cafes |

If there’s one thing that Australians do well, it’s coffee. Aussies are self-professed coffee snobs, with a café on every corner and two in between.

In fact, one of the first questions you’ll hear us asking abroad is usually “Where can I find a good coffee?”, such as our national obsession with a quality brew!

All in all, Australians know good coffee, and we know where to find it. Here are some of the best cafés and coffeehouses in Australia, where you’re guaranteed a perfect cup of Joe.

  • Single Origin Roasters, Sydney, NSW
  • Brewtown Newtown, Newtown, NSW
  • Twenty & Six Espresso, North Melbourne, Victoria
  • The Kettle Black, South Melbourne, Victoria
  • Epic Espresso, West Perth, WA
  • Lonsdale St. Roasters, Canberra, ACT
  • Please Say Please, Adelaide, SA
  • John Mills Himself, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Dandelions and Driftwood, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Jam Jar Lounge, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Café Del’ Art, Darwin, NT

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One of Sydney’s Best Cafes is in Dural

One of Sydney’s Best Cafes is in Dural | Cafes |

Wolfe and Co. joins the revolution of the north-west.  On one plate there’s a handsome burger with layers of Iberico jamon, fresh truffle, scrambled eggs and harissa aioli. On another there’s mango, pineapple and watermelon topped with coconut yoghurt sorbet and granola crumbs. Lift your eyes from the plates and the view is of a paddock. Wolfe and Co. is probably the only cafe in Sydney serving creative, on-trend food within walking distance of farmland.

“People think, ‘These people out here don't want that’. That's not true. They travel from here to the city to get it,” says Che Vogler, who’s just come from managing the opening of nel. in Surry Hills. He and partner Caroline Neill Ryan (who grew up in Dural) are Wolfe and Co.’s owners. “The Baron started things and we've probably taken them a step further,” Vogler says.

The fit-out – tiled bar, mounted leather couches and an open kitchen – stands out in the area, but it would fit in seamlessly on most popular strips in inner Sydney. The menu though, would stand out anywhere. Vogler, although no slouch in the kitchen himself, has brought in local Dural chef Pat Cape (ex-Berowra Waters) and Lucy Barker (ex-Flour and Stone) to make pastries. Cape’s breakfast burger is one of the best you’ll have anywhere in Sydney and considering the egg, it’s surprisingly neat. His salad of smoked duck breast (done in-house), beetroot, dill, feta, candied walnuts and edible flowers is as beautiful as it is balanced. “We thought it was going to be hard to find someone of a certain calibre out this way and we were very lucky,” says Vogler.

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Sleek and modern cafe for Museum Station

Sleek and modern cafe for Museum Station | Cafes |

A SLEEK and modern cafe space, which will replace the old Hyde Park South at ­Museum Station, has been unveiled this week.

The City of Sydney has ­released sketches of the new cafe, which it will build at the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets.  Transport for NSW will simultaneously undertake work to improve access to the station by installing new lifts.

The re-imagined cafe will cover a similar footprint as the previous one, but this version will be set further back from the road to allow for better access and sight lines to Hyde Park and the Anzac War Memorial.  A water cascade is currently being added to the memorial by the NSW Government to realise the architect’s original design.

That project, worth $40 million, is a 15 metre by 60 metre water feature which was part of architect Bruce Dellit’s original vision drawn in 1929 but was scrapped due to government austerity as a result of the Great Depression.

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Good news: your addiction to coffee could extend your life

Good news: your addiction to coffee could extend your life | Cafes |

Two new studies find the brew can reduce the risk of some deadly diseases.   A double shot of good news has come out of two independent sets of research by Harvard University and Monash University on Tuesday, linking coffee consumption and good health.

A study by Harvard University suggested that people who drank three to five cups of coffee per day were less likely to die prematurely from heart disease, suicide, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

The Chan School of Public Health researchers found that the benefits applied to those who drank caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, and also included a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes, and suicide.

Experts say coffee consumption can be part of a healthy diet.

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Fix It Cafe connecting people through mending broken things

Fix It Cafe connecting people through mending broken things | Cafes |

DO YOU have something that needs fixing? An old bike, a torn shirt, a wobbly table or a dodgy vacuum cleaner? Don't throw your old items away; the talented volunteers at the Maleny Fix It Cafe are waiting with tools at the ready. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, this group of handy people gathers at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre to mend your broken items for a $5 donation.

Today the crew celebrates the Fix It Cafe's third anniversary and organiser Jim Straker wants more Maleny locals to make use of the service. "We've got a capacity here and a lot of times we're sitting here doing nothing," he said.

"I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who need something to be fixed." Nev Littler, a volunteer since the Cafe's inception, is the resident bicycle repair man. "Bicycles have always been a part of my life so you might as well put what you know back into the community," he said. "When you get bearings adjusted absolutely perfectly there's a sense of satisfaction there."

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Mexican wave to great coffee

Mexican wave to great coffee | Cafes |

Tired of boring flat whites and frothy cappuccinos? Perhaps it’s time to try a coffee with a kick — a Mexican-style kick which means coffee with spices and a sugar you’ve probably never heard of.

Not only is it an unusual coffee, it’s also good value at South Fremantle’s South Beach Tacos, where it costs only $3 for a “bottomless cup”, as the Americans call free refills.

“We like to say we won’t let your cup get empty,” said Gavin Bower, the cafe’s owner and chef. “We offer a giant serve, a bottomless cup for only $3, and the coffee is still really good-quality coffee.”

Mr Bower began his culinary career in WA, before moving to the US to gain overseas experience in Colorado, and Mexico where he learnt about making coffee in a clay pot — Cafe de Olla.

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Melbourne-style laneway cafe comes to the heart of Ipswich

Melbourne-style laneway cafe comes to the heart of Ipswich | Cafes |

A NEW cafe opened by restaurant owner Raj Sharma has brought Melbourne-style laneway markets and alfresco dining to Ipswich.

As part of council approvals for the new cafe - 116 Laneway, the laneway between Mr Sharma's Indian Mehfil restaurant and the old Town Hall has re-opened to pedestrian traffic, linking the Ipswich Art Gallery to Brisbane St.

The cafe is cleverly housed inside a shipping container, decked out with power and a full service area with alfresco dining along the laneway.

Mr Sharma said his plan was to bring in entertainers and allow small market operators such as flower stalls to set up to bring the laneway to life.

"I want people to come and use the area and sell flowers. We will have music here as well. We can create the festivity of the Melbourne laneway," he said.

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Locale just perfect for Mister Finch

Locale just perfect for Mister Finch | Cafes |

Firstly in the form of the finch — the tiny, characteristic bird Irene decided would be a perfect fit for the cafe’s identity. Secondly when Lea chanced upon a Melbourne-based roaster, Locale, through a Melbourne internet magazine devoted to the hospitality scene.

So a heritage-listed building in Norfolk Street off the cappuccino strip (and once the home of the popular Sala Thai restaurant) became Mister Finch cafe.

And it also became the first cafe in WA to establish a relationship with Locale, which was spreading its wings into WA.

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How a cup of coffee can dramatically impact your workout

How a cup of coffee can dramatically impact your workout | Cafes |

Forget about the electrolyte-filled sports drink or a simple bottle of water when it comes to hydrating for a workout, because new research shows that an old favourite could actually be your best go-to solution.

We already know about coffee's amazing longevity benefits, and its cancer-fighting perks, but a recent study from the University of Georgia shows that coffee can actually improve your workout endurance.

Lead study author Simon Higgins, who is a third-year doctoral student at the university, reviewed more than 600 scholarly articles to find a link between caffeine - specifically from coffee - and workout performance. He noticed that fitness after coffee was far more efficient and longer.

In fact, those participants who consumed coffee had a workout that was more than 24 per cent improved, when compared to those who did not have coffee.

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How coffee affects you from the first sip

How coffee affects you from the first sip | Cafes |

AUSSIES drink 16.3 million cups of coffee each day but few of us realise the extent to which our morning brew affects our bodies from the first sip.

Recent research has revealed that a late night shot slows down our internal body clock and stops us sleeping – but it does a whole lot more than have us counting sheep into the early hours.

Coffee is a chemical juggernaut, quickly absorbed and distributed throughout the body, affecting everything from brainpower and eyesight to digestion and bowel function. However you take yours – cold brew, espresso, pour-over or plunged – coffee affects your entire system.

“A single cup of coffee has rapid absorption with caffeine uptake to the blood in just over 20 minutes and will stay in the blood stream for over 12 hours,” says Owen Bain, a doctor of regenerative medicine and qualified pharmacist.

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Global coffee shortage could close cafes, operator says

Global coffee shortage could close cafes, operator says | Cafes |

A predicted global coffee shortage could see retail prices rise and the closure of some Melbourne cafes, according to operators.

Giuseppe Lavazza, vice president of global coffee supplier Lavazza, said there were signs that coffee-producing nations would not be able to meet global demand for the product in the future.

"There is the problem of a possible shortage," he told 774 ABC Melbourne's Jon Faine.

He said climate change was a "real issue" that had been affecting coffee production for some time.

"Last year we had drought in Brazil, for example, this year we had El Nino in Indonesia," he said.

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Coffee trends on the move

Coffee trends on the move | Cafes |

KRISTIAN Vergotis has witnessed first hand the changes to the Gold Coasts booming coffee culture.

Involved in the industry for almost two decades, the coffee cart owner says the scene hasn’t stopped expanding.

“Our coffee culture has changed big time,” he says.

“It’s saturated in my area, from Mermaid to Nobbys, but the demand is there. There’s a lot of good coffee around.”

Kristian launched his mobile coffee business The Wandering Bean a decade ago and says back then “there wasn’t a lot going on” in the way of good brews.

“There were a lot of people doing frothy cappuccinos on old machinery,” he says.

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Bake Off winner pops up in Perth for Christmas cafe

Bake Off winner pops up in Perth for Christmas cafe | Cafes |

Reigning Great Australian Bake Off champion Sian Redgrave will put her culinary reputation on the line at a Christmas Cafe popping up in Claremont today.

Originally from WA but now based in Sydney, Redgrave toldAAA she was slightly nervous about sharing her baked goods with fans of the show.

“The pressure is kind of extreme, it’s a bit overwhelming,” she said ahead of the venture, which will take over Dilettante boutique today and tomorrow from 10am-7pm.

“I’m going to focus on Christmassy things and a few different recipes from the show so that people can try what I made for (Bake Off judges) Matt Moran and Maggie Beer.

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Canberra's ONA Coffee wins world roasting awards

Canberra's ONA Coffee wins world roasting awards | Cafes |

World champion barista Sasa Sestic is now the proud owner of some world-class coffee.

The roasting house that Sestic founded, ONA Coffee, won two awards at the World Roaster and Barista Cup held in Taiwan earlier this month.

Unlike the World Coffee Roasting Championships, which will be held next year in Shanghai, the cup was invite-only. Sestic said 15 coffee companies from around the world were asked to represent their countries. "It's a little bit subjective, you have to be invited to take part," he said. "In their opinion we were the favoured company to be invited to represent Australia.

Each company submitted beans that were made into espressos and blind tasted by judges.

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The latte is Australia's favourite coffee and here's where they are the cheapest

The latte is Australia's favourite coffee and here's where they are the cheapest | Cafes |

Payments company Square, which plans to expand further in Australia, has released data from coffee shops already using its software.  The data shows a latte is the most popular order in Australia. Combined with the cappucino and flat white, they account for three quarters of coffee orders. The long black is at just 5%.

Square also released a table showing the relative prices of coffees in different states. It seems cafes have priced their coffees based on popularity, with the latte the most expensive type nationally, although the price varies considerably, from over $4 on average in the Northern Territory and Queensland to $3.48 in Tasmania.

Tasmania seems to be good value all around, having one of the lowest average prices for each of the different kinds of coffee. A cup there is more than a dollar cheaper on average than in Western Australia.

There are a couple of explanations for this, most notably the average earnings in each state. A recent release from Treasury shows Tasmania with the lowest average weekly earnings in Australia, almost $200 a week below the national average.

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New CBD cafe drums up African appeal and flavour

New CBD cafe drums up African appeal and flavour | Cafes |

TOOWOOMBA'S cafe culture has received a nother boost with the reopening of the Margaret St premises left behind by Findo's.

The Big 5 cafe comes complete with an African feel, paying homage to their blends of coffee, as well as a bit of fun for customers.

After working to repair mainly industrial coffee machines for about five years, owner Nico Harmsen said he and wife Sarah were ready to be their own boss.  He said the exposure in Brisbane had given him a love for cafe culture, spurring his desire to be on the other side of the counter.

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Fundamentals of Coffee Business Success

Fundamentals of Coffee Business Success | Cafes |

The retail specialty coffee industry is unique in that it attracts as many admirers of the product – coffee fanatics – as it does those who are looking for a lucrative business investment, probably more. It is human nature to focus on those things that are of greatest personal interest to us, and in the case of the coffee fanatic that is all things coffee!

So, for the good of your business, I ask you to put down that glossy espresso machine product brochure and step away from those roasted coffee samples and the tiny single serving bottles of flavoring syrups. Let’s spend the next few moments talking about something even more important than the product, the critical business issues that will define your retail coffee business – I promise that it will be worth your time and that you can go back to the taste testing when we’re done.

A word of caution: this document is not intended to be a paint-by-numbers template to start a coffee shop. If you are one of the millions of proudly self-professed “Dummies” that requires a handbook in order to start your coffee business or learn Microsoft Windows, you had better stop reading now. There are plenty of books that cater to the DIY market segment of this industry; we aimed to do something a little different here – something a little more thought provoking for those preparing to make a serious financial or emotional investment.

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